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Education is important


Protect your school

Need assistance navigating your school's role in the legal system?

Find the clarity you seek with help from Richard J. Kaplow, Esq., whose insight into and background with the complexities of both school law and special education law will guide you through even the murkiest of legal waters.

Fight to ensure equity is achieved:

Give your children the education they need

• Stay up to date on the newest legal developments in both school and special education law

• Overcome legal challenges

• Prevent legal issues from arising

• Improve the way your education system functions

• Contribute to the current issues being discussed

If your child has a disability, there is specific legislation that addresses their educational rights. Ensure your child has access to all of the special services that they are entitled to with a lawyer who has more than 20 years of experience with special education law.


You will find competent representation for both school boards and individual petitioners.


Benefit from legal knowledge and techniques acquired and refined over more than 30 years of experience pursuing justice in a court of law.

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